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Friday, May 05, 2006

Leadership Team Qustionnaire and Teacher Satisfaction

This entry is a riff on “Ten Self-Defeating Behaviors to Avoid” by Mark Goulston applied to school leadership.

If you’re on a leadership team and your team is guilty of these behaviors, change now.

If you’re a teacher and your school’s leadership team is guilty of these behaviors—find another school before your career becomes a variation on Sisyphus. Your career curve and mental health may well depend on how you answer these questions.

Is your school leadership team guilty of lousy leadership?

Do they
  • think their indispensable?

  • talk over teachers?

  • not listen to teachers?

  • micromanage teachers?

  • embrace the latest educational fad without even reading the book?

  • speak in educationese?

  • are afraid to fire the real awful teachers?

  • fear confrontation?

  • fail to get buy-in?

  • take attendance at every meeting?

  • solicit input, but don’t consider it?

  • take programs because programs mean more money?

  • blame teachers, parents, students?

  • restrict access to opportunities to their “pet favorites”?

  • use other people to enforce their rules?

  • selectively enforce their rules?

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