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Friday, March 17, 2006

To Do List for Educators

  • Start an online forum for teachers
  • Conduct virtual office hours
  • Accept only electronic copies of papers
  • Join a papermill
  • Get graphic with grammar instruction—diagram sentences
  • Stop giving dictionary definitions for vocabulary words
  • Take a speed-reading course
  • Buy a rap album and figure out how kids learn the lyrics
  • Align instructional time with assessments
  • Take a drawing class
  • Read business blogs
  • Integrate the power of visuals
  • Learn from the “pros”
  • Practice the power of story
  • Test ideas, collect evidence, share, get feedback, adjust the idea
  • Remember form and function
  • Write a blog
  • Interrogate instructional practices
  • Engineer powerful ideas
  • Play video games
  • Always be true
  • Learn about the brain
  • Be a synthesizer
  • Laugh
  • Establish new neural pathways
  • Play the caption game
  • Don't mistake kindness for weakness
  • Practice self-directed think-alouds
  • Find Aristotle
  • Organize and host a JAM
  • Practice creative abrasion
  • Time yourself
  • Make learning an opt-out instead of an opt-in thing
  • Promote open-source, asymmetrical learning
  • Answer the question, "What would I be most afraid to be wrong about?"

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